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When working as a freelancer or running a small business, you have to wear many different hats. You have to be responsible for time tracking, billing, invoicing, collaboration, management and also the normal work that you do.

With all these tasks, it can be quite a challenge to manage your business effectively. Luckily, there are tons of web apps and also software to choose from that can help make your business life a bit easier.

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In this post, you’ll find 20 tools that will help you do everything from manage projects to tracking money and also finding new clients.

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1. Team Work (Project Management)

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy accessible teamwork and project management app that enables managers, team members and clients all interact together.

2. AtTask (Project Management)

Portfolio management tool for project managers and company executives. Using this app will create more ease and save time for managing projects.

3. ToDoIst (Time & Content Management)

Todoist is a tool that is simple, an online to-do list and also a task manager.

4. Collabtive (Project Management)

Collabtive is a cloud based groupware that is efficient and easy to-use. Key features include project management, milestones, tasks, Basecamp and plenty more.

5. Freshdesk (Helpdesk)

Freshdesk is an online help desk app that enables customer support over phone, web, email and even Twitter through your own profile.

6. FogBugz (Bug Tracking)

Fogbogz is a hosted bug tracking app that proves useful for users who make great software.

7. PureSafety (Safety & Training)

Online safety training to ensure safety of your companies employees and of course your profits.

8. LessAccounting (Financial & Accounting)

This app proves very useful for small businesses in need of accounting in a simple manner. Their motto is ‘Because your job title isn’t accountant!’.

9. Coolander (Calendar)

Coolendar is a unique way to plan and it’s not only just a calendar, but a simple to-do list. It’s what many have described as a whole new planning and building experience.

10. OpenDocMan (Document Management)

Document management app written in PHP and is free (open source).

11. JobPage (Hiring Jobs)

An all new way of tracking applicants with social recruiting all built in. Aiming to make recruiting simple and stressless.

12. WorkSimple (Get More From Your Work)

WorkSimple is an easy accessed Social Enterprise Platform which provides a whole new approach to producing social goals, performance feedback and recognition.

13. Tabzon (Essential Communication Tool)

Tabzon is an easy and free tool that helps users keep track of your employees and co-workers’ whereabouts and status.

14. EZShift (Scheduling)

EZShift is an employee scheduling software which allows users to combat real-time conflict solving, company policy integration and more.

15. MailChimp (e-Mail Marketing)

Free and simple email marketing service which enables you to track HTML email campaigns with the use of simple tools.

16. FormStack (Forms Creation)

A few clicks and you can create submissions you collect via Formstack to the most popular applications on the Internet and market.

17. Kervu (Web-Design)

Kervu is for users that require professional statistics for their craigslist posts and many more features.

18. SocialEngine (Social-Networking)

SocialEngine enables you to use advanced social networking features including blogs, photo albums, user groups and more.

19. FreshBooks (Invoice)

The most simple and easy way to keep track of your hours and invoice your clients. Our lead editor Gareth recommends this app. Like he always says, there is no better app out there!

20. KickOffLabs (Viral Marketing)

KickoffLabs helps businesses get customers via viral landing pages, customer insights and newsletter that you can create yourself with great ease.

21. (Profile Builder)

Path.To is a professional profile that not only defines you, but it helps you get noticed.

22. LazyMeter (Personal To-Do List)

LazyMeter is for users who actually do need a to-do list and one that you can use with great ease. It will create a higher productivity, so they say!

23. Scrubly (Contacts Manager)

Clear out your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps and Mac contact books. A very useful app for your Spring cleaning.

24. CloudFlare (Website Security)

CloudFlare is a free and commercial cloud-based service that enables security and helps accelerate speed and efficiency into websites.

25. Memonic (Collaboration Tool)

Bookmarks and copy pasting can go jump, with Memonic you can prepare for your next meeting like a breeze.