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A few weeks ago we launched this blog. It’s my fifth WordPress based blog. It should be much simple to launch a blog. Because I’m not a first-timer anymore, but it’s not. Every time when I’m launching something new I need to find perfect theme, hosting, and plugins. And it takes time.

Today, I’ve decided to share a short list of my favorite WordPress plugins to help you with new WordPress blog. If you have your favorite plugins, please share them in the comment section. And I will include them in the second list of WordPress Plugins.

Divi WordPress Theme


CaptainForm is a WordPress form builder without add-ons, easy to use, providing advanced functionality. It requires no coding skills and it’s ideal for building any type of form right from the dashboard such as: order forms, registration forms, surveys, polls, user-submitted posts and more. CaptainForm is a form builder integrated with many 3rd party apps and payment processors such as Google Drive, SalesForce, ActiveCampaign, Dropbox, PayPal,, Stripe and much more.

Download here


SumoMe provides free tools you need to grow your WordPress site. This plugin will make it easy for your readers to join your email list, share your articles and optimize with analytics. The free tools include list builder, heat maps, scroll box, smart bar and much more.

Download here

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

The Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights allows you to track your blog easily and always stays up to date with the newest features in Google Analytics.

Download here

Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security WordPress Security plugin is free to all WordPress users. It is a security suite meant to complement your existing security posture. It offers four key security features for their website, each designed to have a positive effect on their security posture.

Download here

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack Optimizes your WordPress blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One of the most advanced SEO plugins for WordPress platform. Created in 2007, now it has almost 30 million downloads.

Download here