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The economy is tough in all areas of the world right now, and most people are trying to save every last penny they have. However, if you don’t know how much you’re earning or spending, how can you properly manage your money?

The fact is, the most important thing that you have to know when it comes to managing money is your income and your expenses. If you don’t track how much you make or spend, it’s impossible to manage your money properly.

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Luckily, there are tons of free apps, both web and mobile, that can help you do everything from track your savings, to plan your budgets, find you the best deals, or even help you pick investments.

With so many choices available, the user interface and ease of use plays a major role in choosing your financial apps. Here’s our selection for the best app interfaces for money management tools.

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1. Lemon Receipts

Lemon Receipts

Lemon is an easy way to keep track of your receipts and keep all your information close to you. Take a picture with your iPhone or camera of the receipt and hey presto!

2. Payoff


An easy solution and free online app to pay off your debt, save money and help you succeed. With this app you may set goals, earn badges, accounts and track your spending.

3. WePay


An online app that allows users to easily access their account to collect money online and create invoices.

4. PocketSmith


PocketSmith is a small personal finance app that enables you to keep trace of finance and budgeting. Organise your money in the online calendar, keep track of bills and budget for future projects and up work productivity.

5. Toshl


Easy accessible and to use mobile expense tracker that has graphs and charts. Exports to CSV, Excel, Google docs and more.

6. Ledgerble


A simple, accessible cloud accounting app for small or large businesses which you can access via any browser 24/7.

7. Bundle


A online source for information on how people spend or save money on businesses via real objective data.

8. FutureAdvisor


Get personalised projections and gain data driven recommendations for your investment targets.

9. Mint


An online app helping users to manage budgets with easy access to personal finance tools and calculators. Track your spending and monitor your business via online banking.

10. Xero


Xero is an online app allowing users to access a free accounting software for small or large businesses. Based on invoicing, billing, book keeping and payable.

11. Tablet App Mockup

Tablet App Mockup

A very well designed table application mockup which makes then user feel like they’re on Wall Street trading stocks right from their tablet.

12. Track Every Coin

Track Every Coin

TrackEveryCoin allows users to do pretty much everything it says on the tin. It’s a personal finance management software that makes reports of your expenditure patterns and makes it more enjoyable.

13. Spendly


They go by the tagline ‘Free budget tracking that doesn’t suck’. Spendly helps you to track monthly budgets and help stop spending money on useless tactics and unnecessary goods.

14. Credible


Credeble is a useful web app which enables users to track shared expenses within groups. It also allows you to gain insight in finances and a clear overview of it.

15. Jumsoft Money

Jumsoft Money

Shameware accounting software for small or large businesses or sole traders.

16.iPad Finance App

iPad Finance App

A clean cut interface enabling you to keep track of finances on your iPad with great ease.



A new iPhone and Android app developed for the consumer market. A completely unique and revolutionary wealth management app.

18. MoBank


A new iPhone app that enables a whole new experience to mobile banking. P&T worked closely with the client from creation to the finish product.

19. PaymeBack


A well designed interface allowing users to create notes about things that people owe you money for. Ie: you paid for a pair of jeans for you’re friend and they owe you £75, type their name in and add it to your contact list.

20. CashTrack


As CashTrack call it ‘your finance in your pocket’. Create transactions, overview of balances, expenses, different markets, incomes and more.