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20 Examples of Fantastic Usage of Typography in T-Shirt Designs

In the fashion industry the usage of typography in graphics and design templates is growing at an exceptional rate where even luxury designer labels such as HUGO BOSS and GUCCI are implementing these techniques in their newest Spring collections. There are various e-commerce stores that offer their own selection of t-shirts and amongst those are [...]


21 Examples of Awesome Logo Designs

Having an awesome and stand-out logo is a huge factor in the success of your business/company. Now many of you are going to shoot me down right now, but it’s a hard cold fact. If you have a memorable name, good looking logo and relates to your niche – then you’re going the right direction. [...]


Roundup of 2011′s Most Promising Startups

New startup companies are born every day. However, only a small percentage of them end up getting anywhere. In 2011, there have been many notable startups. According to statistics the majority of startups only last 2 years. One of the biggest and most renowned startups in 2011 was Spotify. It came out of nowhere and [...]


Showcase of 33 Clean & Minimalist WordPress Themes

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for bloggers, and hundreds of new blogs pop up every day on the net, in nearly every niche imaginable. WordPress themes have become a staple for most designers, and there are a lot of options available. Minimalist WordPress themes are by far the most effective designs, because [...]


20 Humorous & Adorable Print Ads of Cats

The use of cats and klittens are becoming very popular for various markets to use for their print ads and creating their brand identity with. One of the main reasons behind using cats is due to their family friendly impression. You can either dress a cat up to look good or make them evil. Either [...]