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Icons are an essential part of a user interface. They help create visual associations between functionality and the user, which creates an overall better user experience.

Icons can range from minimal and flat such as those used on Facebook, to elegant and lifelike such as the icons on the Apple iPhone and iPad.

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Icon designers love to get creative with the icons they design. Here’s 30 examples of pixel perfect icons:

Le Menu by Michael Spitz

Speed Task by Liquefy Studios

Rockwool Icons by Alexander Zapadenko

Gameboy Icon by Tomas Janousek

iquarium by Hrvoje Bielen

Crazy Fruits by Alexander Zapadenko

PixeloPhilia by Omer Cetin

Good Travel by Kadasarva

Solarcom by Kadasarva

Soundcloud by ntzog

Angry Bird Icon by Icondoctor

Blackboard Icon by KimmyKong

Villa by Sant Valentin

Mobile Icon Set by Webiconset

Quote Roller iPhone Icon by Alex Tsuba

Portfolio Design Icons by Tatyana Suhodolska

Paint Teasers by Kadasarva

Piano Icon by dembsky

Bird Icon by fengsj

Teasers Reanualt by Kadasarva

XGO Icons by newidols

Helvetica Moleskin by Thibaut M

Twitter Icon by ScorpionBlood

Teacher Pilot Icon by Nikolay Verin

Yoshi Icon by Nenad Grujicic

Realistic Camera Lens by Chris Farina

Nikon Camera iOs Icon by Gianluca Divisi

JetMoney by Omer Cetin

Grooveshark by Pat Dryburgh

Tape Icon by Victor Traskovsky