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15 Super Handy Responsive Design Tutorials

When creating a new site build, it is often expected to create a responsive version of the design so that the site layout will adapt to different screen sizes, devices and device orientation that the site is being served on. In today’s post I wanted to share with you a collection of responsive design tutorials that will help in getting you started on making your next project responsive.


30 Pixel Perfect iPad Apps

The initial iPhone apps commonly had poor designs. However, when the iPad launched, the Apple store was popular enough that many designers were ready to create iPad apps. The advantage of the iPad over the iPhone is largely the screen space available and the computing power. As such, it is possible to design more complex [...]

Face the Future: Amazing Concept Cars

Would you like to see how the future looks like? Take a look at these amazing concept cars. Designers have created lots of car concepts which you would love to see in reality. However the chances to see one of these cars in the street is very small so it’s always interesting to see what’s [...]