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10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Your Next Project

10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Your Next Project

On a recent project I was working on, I was looking for a useful, yet lightweight jQuery fullscreen slider plugin. Whilst I was researching the various jQuery plugins available I found so many other plugins that caught my eye I ended up bookmarking many of them for future use. In todays post I wanted to [...]

10 Handy Web Apps For Designers

10 Handy Web Apps For Designers

Its pretty common for designers and developers to find themselves working from multiple locations, on different computers whilst communicating with different teams. Sometimes this means you may not always have your usual apps or installed software available to use. With this in mind, its important to have a selection of handy web apps readily available for you to use no matter [...]


10 Handy Time Saving CSS3 Generators

In an effort to help speed up your coding process, I thought I would bring you a collection of quality CSS3 generators that will easily and quickly allow you to replicate an effect from Photoshop into CSS3. These tools should allow you to work faster and produce consistent reusable code in your projects. If you have a CSS3 generator that you use on a regular basis, drop a comment below and I will add it.


15 Useful jQuery Plugins To Improve Your Website

In this post, we’ve collected 15 useful jQuery plugins that will improve your website, this collection features a varying selection of different plugins each with a different functionality, from responsive sliders, content filters to touch gestures. Take a look and see how you could integrate them with your next project. screen capture 2012-6-18-17-42-2

A Collection Of Useful jQuery Plugins To Enhance Your Site

In today’s post I have a great collection of jQuery plugins that can be used to help enhance your website, I have included slider plugins, image effects, text enhancements and some useful tools for responsive design. jQuery has many great plugins available, it has a massive community behind it, is cross browser compatible and is [...]


Top 10 iPhone Apps for April

Put down that notebook, close down that word document and grab a cup of coffee, because it’s time to take a look at some of the top iPhone apps for April. Below we have selected 10 of the best apps to arrive on the scene this month. So get the app store open on your [...]


25 Tools Every Freelancer Should Use To Manage Their Business

When working as a freelancer or running a small business, you have to wear many different hats. You have to be responsible for time tracking, billing, invoicing, collaboration, management and also the normal work that you do. With all these tasks, it can be quite a challenge to manage your business effectively. Luckily, there are [...]