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Freebie: Fénix Font

Free Font Download: Fénix Font

Today I wanted to share with you a new free font you can download and use on your next project. It is always a good idea to build a comprehensive font collection, so hopefully this will be a new addition for yours.

Todays freebie font is called Fénix, Fénix is a strong and bold serif font, perfect for display and long text. A great addition to this font is that it is also available as both a desktop version and has a Google Font version, which is very handy.

Innovative & Super Cool Coffee Packaging Designs

Innovative & Super Cool Coffee Packaging Designs

I love coffee, I drink it most days and drink it in many different forms, espressos, flat whites, macchiato’s, you get the idea – I am well and truly addicted. Being admirer of aesthetically pleasing design also means when I go out for a coffee I enjoy seeing independent coffee shops producing quality branding on their products. Today I wanted to share with you [...]

Inspiration Fix: Superbly Creative Business Card Designs

Inspiration Fix: Superbly Creative Business Card Designs

Today I wanted to share with you some superb creative business card designs, one of my favourite business cards is the Steve Shine card. I particularly like the thick edge painting, combined with the letterpressed text on the card front. I wanted to feature a wide selection of business card designs and printing techniques, there [...]


14 Insanely Cool Examples Of Rubber Stamp Use In Design

Take a look at these super cool rubber stamps I found on Dribbble, the rubber stamps work really well with logos and in particular logo monogram. Using rubber stamps to brand up blank business cards and office stationary is a pretty cool idea and works really well. eighty3creative Clark + Dumbo Co. Stamp Field of [...]

The Beautiful Work Of Benjamin Wright Coleman

The Beautiful Work Of Benjamin Wright Coleman

Benjamin Wright Coleman is an illustrator based in New York, his illustrations are often of the human form and the inspiration for his illustration work comes from influencies such as comic books and cartoons. View the Benjamin Wright Coleman → collection.

A Look Into Vibrant Color Use In Business Card Designs

A Look Into Vibrant Color Use In Business Card Designs

When creating your own business card, you want it to reflect your brand and you also want it to look unique and creative. When handing out business cards, a highly unique & creative card design can act as a great contestation piece and can help ensure the person you give it to, will not simply throw it away. Using a colourful and [...]


30 Amazing Examples of Corporate Branding

A corporate brand can be an incredibly complicated process to create. Usually, corporate branding consists of a logo design, web design, brochure printing, business card printing and other print materials. A fully completed, cohesive and properly designed corporate brand can be truly spectacular, however. Seeing all the pieces fit together can help you understand how [...]


A Showcase Of Edge Painted Business Cards

Using the edge painting printing technique for your business card is a great way to complete your card design, thick edge painting is a allows your business card to be unique and be memorable. In today’s post I have put together a showcase of edge painted business cards that will hopefully inspire you to check out the technique and introduce it to your next business card design.


20 Fresh & New Free Fonts

Having a decent collection of fonts available to hand is incredibly useful when starting out on a new design project, in today’s post I have bought you 20 free fonts that you can download and use in your next project.