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Here are 10 amazing gadgets that will make your home look cooler and smarter. Make your daily life easier and more exciting with a magic lamp that you will have to hit several times

Aladdin Lamp

aladdinlampSo here’s a lamp with an amazing design. “Is that it?” – you will ask. Not really! This amazing-looking lamp also works as an alarm clock and the function is called “Spanking Alarm” – because it does not stop ringing if you don’t hit it a few times (well that’s fun, isn’t it?). This is the kind of lamp that “does it all” – it’s a radio, an MP3 player, a phone charger, an alarm clock and it also has a built-in Bluetooth for syncing with your devices. Oh, and it’s also a lamp!

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Petcube-Remote-Wireless-Pet-Camera-01If you have one or more pets living with you – I promise, u’ll love this. And it might also save you a lot of time, money and worries. Say hello to a Petcube – remote wireless pet camera. It allows you to not only see what you pet is up to, but now you can also speak and interact, talk and play with your beloved ones via free mobile app for iOS and Android users.


Bladeless 360 Degree Air Generator Q


It’s gorgeous, it’s luxurious, it’s stunningly amazing. Well, it’s actually an air fan. But not any regular one – the black lacquered finish probably makes it one of the most good-looking fans it the whole world. But what does this fan do, exactly? It had 5 different air flow settings to help circulate the air in your home and it uses a DC motor to do it’s job properly. You can customize the air flow as much as you want – use the different setting or the timer to make it perfect.


SeeNote Digital Sticky Note


Basically – it’s a smart sticky note that we are so used to leave on our fridges, desks and who-knows-where-else. The problem is – we tend to lose them, overlook them or we just forget to write them at all. This digital sticky note displays appointments, traffic, communal notes, it lets you leave notes for your family members and it also syncs with many different apps via Wi-Fi. This super useful sticky note has a 300dpi – meaning that you can read it even in direct sunlight.


Prizm – The Intelligent Music Pyramid


Do you know how YouTube, Spotify and many other music-related channels, apps, websites that tries to learn what type of content do you like and gives you suggestions? That’s great, but it’s never accurate and you have to browse trough the suggestions manually.  Prizm is not just a smart gadget- it’s an intelligent one. It leans what music do you like, identifies you and your smartphone via Bluetooth when you enter the room and plays new tunes for you. Press the illuminated heart icon to add a song to your playlist or press the “X” to skip a song. It also gives you the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control.


Ulo – The Interactive Surveillance Camera


A smart, fun and interactive surveillance that can be easily relocated – placed on any surface or hung on the wall by using a magnetic pin. This fun-looking camera can work a safety precaution, but it can also be an awesome spy gadget – make sure your children are asleep or take pictures of your friends doing silly things. This little owls eyes react to the environment – which makes it a little creepy yet amazing. Ulo has a built-in camera with a motion sensor, a microphone and it connects via Wi-Fi.


IKAWA – Digital Micro Coffee Roaster


This one is for the coffee lovers – for the gourmands and the ones who have the highest demands for their coffee beats. This smart gadget lets you connect the coffee roaster with a special mobile app and choose exactly how the beans are roasted – choose a recipe and send it to the roaster. Follow the roast on your mobile app and keep on track with the roasting time and temperature. Make your coffee beans just right for you!


Ween – The Life Responsive Smart Thermostat


This smart thermostat was created not to only regulate the temperature of your home – the smartness of this gadget hides in GPS technologies and motion detection. Ween will help you save money by understanding whether you’r home or not and the special app will let you monitor your energy usage and savings in real time. What makes it even more special is that Ween keeps on track of the each time you leave or enter your home and is capable of learning a really specialized pattern of your daily routine.


Pronto Peel Smart iOS Remote


This smart remote will help you easily control your home entertainment unit – all you need to do is set the beacon and connect your iPhone via Bluetooth. By using a special app for Proto Peel, you can quickly adjust and control various things such as switching channels, seeing what’s up next, viewing your history and more. Make your home entertainment even more relaxing with this mini remote that will fit in any home seamlessly.


Qube – The Smart Light Bulb 


Qube is often considered to be the most affordable smart light bulb on the market, but what is it good for? It’s multi-colored, it’s Wi-Fi Enabled and it’s capable of waking you up in the morning! As many of the smart gadgets, this one uses a specialized mobile app as well.