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For those of you who are the biggest fans of new technology and devices – this year is going to be super fun.

Long story short: this year we are pleased to experience the appearance of many Apple devices and new versions of iOS and watchOS, new smartphones from Samsung and Nexus, redesigned gaming consoles with special add-ons and a real competitor and equal for Macbook Pro.

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Excited to find out whos’s the lucky one to be even compared with long-time leader Macbook Pro itself? Croll down and find out!

Xbox One S

xbox one s

One of the most popular gaming consoles in this era is releasing a new version of Xbox One – Xbox One S (a slimmer version). As Microsoft states, this one should be “sleeker, slimmer and sharper”. But is all the fuss about the new design? Not really. The  size of the entire console was reduced by 40% – which is a huge change to the old version. Xbox One S supports 4K and Blu-Ray, but not for games and entirely is slightly more powerful that the earlier version. 2TB Launch Edition available August 2nd 2016, 1TB and 500GB versions are planned to be released later on.

PS4 Neo

maxresdefault (1)

An updated version of Playstation 4 is expected to come out by the end of the year. So what’s new? Exceeded processing power, a faster GDDR5 memory, improved graphics and possibly – a 4K  display for videos, but not for playing games (same as the new Xbox One S).

Sony PlayStation VR


PlayStation VR is a virtual reality headset, made especially for the Playstation 4. At launch, hopefully by the end of the year PSVR will come with 50 games. What you get with the set is the headset itself, HDMI cable, power cable, processing box, micro USB cable, earphones and dual HDMI connector that links the headset to the PS4. Are you excited to get completely immersed by the virtual reality?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


The ones that are really into Samsung phones are always impatiently waiting for the new model to come out. This time Samsung fans will definitely notice something strange – the number “6” has been skipped! If you are still wondering why – Samsung has explained its’ reasons: to unify the product portfolio (Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) and minimize the confusion. The biggest change in the phone is going to be the curved edges that have never been applied to the Note series before. The rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have a built-in water resistance and USB-C port that will allow faster charging and file transferring, we sure hope so! Product launch on August 2nd.

New Nexus Smartphones


All Google Nexus devices arrive alongside with the latest version of Android (Nougat this year) – so we are expecting the phones to be revealed in Autumn/Fall. If you believe the rumors flying around – the next manufacturer of the newest Nexus phone is believed to be HTC. In this case of scenario, the design is believed to be similar to HTC 10 – metallic, with hight resolutions displays and faster refresh rates.

iPhone 7


Since last year Apple has released an “S” version of the iPhone 6, this year a redesign is expected. Although the iPhone should probably keep the major design details and size of the previous version – no drastic changes. There are some rumors flying around that Apple is about to drop the regular naming system they have been using for years and call the new iPhone “iPhone Pro”. What’s new in iPhone 7? Removed headphone jack which leaves us with completely new Bluetooth headphones that will connect with the phone wirelessly, no antena bands and improved water resistance. As a tradition, planned to be released in September.

iOS 10


Alongside with the new iPhone we are always waiting for a new version of iOS as well – this time, the 10th iOS. Apple is loved by many for its’ bold and minimal design, but according to Apple’s official statement – the iOS 10 is going to be even more bold, beautiful and “big”. New features include a redesigned Lockscreen that will greet you by “Press Home to open”, raising the iPhone to wake it function, notifications placed in bubbles + 3D Touch involvement to see more options, “clear all notifications” button, water detection and much much more! Expected to be released in September, alongside with the new iPhone 7.

Apple Watch 2


Apple launches a new phone every September – but can we expect a new generation Apple Watch to be released alongside with iPhone 7? Most likely. The watch comes with a new Apple’s watchOS 3. There are many new features rumored – like added cellular connectivity, longer battery life, a Watchstrap light and more, but none of them confirmed. But one thing we know for sure – we can expect crucial changes: by the word of Apple CEO Tim Cook, this watch will make us think and question ourselves “how could we live without it?”.

Redesigned MacBook Pro


It has been a while since MacBook pro had an update – the last time 13in and 15in models had an update was in May and March of 2015. It is most likely that the new version of MacBook Pro will have its’ headphone jack removed as well – moving Apple’s audience to wireless headphones. The laptop is believed to be thinner and lighter, have a Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and cellular connectivity. Long awaited and expected to be launched in autumn.

Asus Zenbook 3


It’s easy to notice that the entire design of Asus Zenbook is very similar to MacBook – and it is billing to become the thinnest laptop in the world, with only 11,9 mm thickness. Its’ features also include a brilliant HD screen and a USB-C port, it’s lighter and faster than a Macbook. Asus describes it to be “The world’s most prestigious laptop with unprecedented performance”. Expected to be launched by the end of the year.