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Finding the best Google fonts and perfecting the combination of multiple typefaces can often be tricky, currently the Google font library has over 600+ typefaces for you to test, use and combine.

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Often when starting a new design project that allows for the integration of the Google font library I often play around with various font combinations until I settle on something I am happy with.

Some of the Google fonts can often be almost unusable and with such a huge selection of fonts to choose from it can often be a time consuming task to test out multiple font combinations.

To help you out and save you time I wanted to bring together and share some of the best Google fonts and test out some of my favourite Google font combinations that really compliment each other.

I would be pretty interested to see what Google font combinations you use, drop me a comment to share yours also.

Font Combination: Montserrat + Open Sans

Font Combination: Bitter Regular + Karla

Font Combination: Ubuntu Bold + Merriweather Light

Font Combination: Raleway Bold + Raleway Light

Font Combination: Merriweather Regular + Droid Sans Regular

Font Combination: Neuton Regular + PT Sans

Font Combination: PT Sans Bold + PT Sans Regular

Font Combination: Arvo Regular + Rambla Regular

Font Combination: Cabin Bold + Cabin Italic

Font Combination: PT Serif Regular + Actor Regular