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Do you know what is the coolest thing today? What’s the most popular thing in Instagram, Facebook, even in college or your workplace? It’s fitness! Alongside to well-being, clean-eating and all different kinds of sports.

How do you make this trend even cooler than it already is and how do you adjust it to your lifestyle? Combine sports with technology and smart devices – check out these super awesome futuristic bicycles you should at least give a test drive! And if you like it – make sure to get one and become the trendiest persona around.

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This is a high-quality bicycle built by robots and created by Dutch designer Bob Schiller. The bicycle is made from a material never used on such products before – laser welded aluminum monocoque, which is very lightweight, strong and even better – cheap.



This cool bike is all about the curves! Created by a product designer and passionate cyclist John Goodhew. The unusual shape isn’t just a random design inspiration – it mimics the position of a cyclist that is trying to adapt with the wind and all other resistances when traveling at speed.

Newport BBW


The creator of 3G Bikes, Gary Silva, focuses on comfort and durability – these bikes are perfect for riding around the beach and spending a lot of time in a salty air. The bike is mainly made from aluminum and is very practical to ride in sandy environment because of its sealed bearings, that’s why this kind of bicycles have a name of “Beach cruisers”.



This bike, called “fUCI” is an electric one – and very look-alike to a real motorcycle. This bike has a massive rear wheel, a special spot to charge your phone, an engine with monstrous power and is a real head turner! In fact, what makes this bicycle even more interesting – it is forbidden, that is the story behind the bikes name. UCI goes for “Union Cycliste Internationale” and the “f” is just a regular “f” bomb.

ICE Full Fat 26FS


ICE is probably the most fun bike to have a test ride on – challenge the terrain! Concur snow, sand, mud – whatever you like. Oversized 26 inch rims, chromoly frame, big tires – could you possibly ask for more?

Felt Cruiser


The bike looks like one of those bicycle creations that repeat the original design of Harley Davidson motorcycles – only with modern and futuristic spices added to it.



The concept of this extremally futuristic bike was created by a Chris Boardman. “Sky” is slim, light, strong and… smart – a real future bicycle! With a special spot included for your smartphone – to keep on track with your speed, tracks, street view maps and more.



The bike was created by a designer Hoon Yoon – the concept of the bike is not only futuristic and very awesome – it is also relative to the cyclist who ride their bikes at night – the informative LED display will make sure that you drive safely and get noticed by passing cars.



The product design of X-Bike was created especially for Mazda – therefore it reflects the benefits of this car and motorcycle manufacturer. The bicycle combines the benefits of both – city and mountain bike. It’s comfortable to ride in the city but also capable of exploring the wild terrain. Composed of carbon and aluminum, this bike is both lightweight and extremely durable.



Nisttarkya is an amazingly designed electric bicycle presented to you by Indians. This is also the first Indian electric bike! Not so bad for a first-timer, eh? What makes this creation even more incredible is its’ unique aerodynamic riding position – if you want to give it a test drive, you will have to lay down!