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Do you even wonder why so many new apps appear in your App Store or Google Play Store every single day, every single hour? To keep you entertained! And you are still using that old default weather app? It’s time to have some fun and find something new for your phone: choose between these sarcastic, scientific, beautifully designed and inspiring apps to keep you company every single day.

Sollar (iOS)


Divi WordPress Theme

What makes this app fun and amazing – is how beautiful and minimal it is. This one is a real ten for our fellow designers! It gives you what you need, helps you keep your focus on what’s important, gives you a 3-day forecast and it’s a real eye-candy app!

Grumpy Weather (Android/iOS)


This one is my personal favourite of the week – as a real snobby person, I love and enjoy the daily irony and grumpiness. The app entertains you by its’ grumpy comments on the weather and life itself while also giving you the accurate weather forecat for 3 days and letting you choose between different characters to fit your mood and style.

Authentic Weather (Android/iOS)

authentic weather app

An app that lets you “complain” about the weather – you can keep the spicy comments to yourself or share it with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Unlike the Grumpy Weather App, this one has more funny and absurd captions to brighten up your day – even if it’s raining or freezing cold.  More importantly – it also it lets you see the forecast of the weather for upcoming days. Warning – it has a lot of “F” bombs hidden in it!

WeatherBug (Android/iOS)

weatherbug app

Based on the user reviews, this app is “insanely accurate” – you can use 18 animated weather maps absolutely for free. More than that: what makes it so fun is that it gives you alerts when a lightning strikes nearby or the weather is about to change significantly! The app has been ranked #1 in Android Headline’s list of the “Top 10 Weather Apps for Android.” – so it is definitely worth at least a try!

Carrot Weather (iOS)


Meet the greatest and super fun weather robot with a personality – Carrot. This app is well known because of its’ hilariously twisted weather forecasts and delightful illustrations. The app offers an eerily accurate 7-day weather forecast and lets you travel in time – 70 years to the past or 10 to the future. What makes it even more entertaining is the hidden locations you can unlock – the Moon for example.

Funny Or Die Weather (Android/iOS)


This great app gives you two things – it lets you know the weather and nourishes your soul with excellent humor. Do you want to know the weather fact of the day? “Use this app to track weather patterns hour by hour instead of your ex’s movements” – brilliant and on point! Don’t forget to slide to the right and reveal The Daily Thought, Weather Tip Of The Day, The Daily Thought and much much more!

Weather Kitty (Android/iOS)

weather kitty app

Yes, it’s kittens again – you can’t run away from these furry creatures, they are all over the internet and they are not going away anytime soon. The weather had never been cuter! Unless you choose to use the Grumpy cat theme – then the weather has never been so grumpy… Choose between 10 different themes and enjoy the cuteness and share it with your friends!

Living Earth (iOS)

living earth app

This one is a great, multi-functional HD app that gives you the weather forecast for the upcoming week, but can also be used as an alarm clock. The most amazing feature of this app is the ability to view the Earth itself – you can rotate it, zoom it in and out, double tap it to see your city. The overall view of the planet is very accurate – you are able to see the dark side of the Earth and you can choose between different modes – either see the movement of the clouds, color indicated temperature, humidity or wind map – and much more!

Swackett (Android/iOS)

swackett app

This app gives you what you actually need – you check the weather so you know what activities to plan and what kind of clothing you cloud wear, right? So not only it gives you a weather forecast, but it also suggests what you should wear and what activities you could plan. To make it even more fun – switch between different characters that suits your mood.

Weatherwise (Android/iOS)


This app is here to save you from the blunt weather apps that you have been using – Weatherwise is a weather app that lets you experience beautifully animated weather: choose between different themes modified by independent artists. Watch the illustrations change regarding the weather in your location.