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Working on the Internet can be an extremely daunting task at times due to the fact you can become easily distracted – I usually find myself on YouTube, Twitter and Search Engline Land. But what distracts me more than anything is due to the size of my MacBook Air’s screen, that’s if I’m not working at my desk on my gorgeous 27″ Mac display. However, I hate to be sitting at my desk all the time, it’s unhealthy – so I visit coffee shops!

Yesterday when I was under pressure with some work I really came close to going crazy. On a day to day basis I have at least 5 or 6 apps running on my Mac’s system. I thought to myself this is getting a joke, so I set out on a task to find apps that would enhance my productivity and minimise the use of as many  windows or apps.

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Take a look below at the collection of 10 Mac-based apps that proves useful to freelancers in any profession and helps declutter your Mac’s desktop.

1. MailTab for Gmail

MailTab for Gmail App

If you email a lot and you are fed up with Apple’s very own Mail – this is the best alternative. It’s one less window to have opened constantly in Safari, Firefox or whichever browser you use. Think of it more as a quick notification of emails with the option of creating quick replies.

2. Cloud

Cloud App

Every single web designer should have this app, if you don’t or you aren’t keen, go bury your head in sand. This app is extremely powerful, take a screenshot, drag and drop into the app and receive a URL that can be used for social networking or emails. Ie.:

3. Twitter App

Twitter App

It helps you save screen space and having as many windows opened in Safari, Firefox etc. Extremely powerful and helps you focus on work – seriously, it does!

4. Opus Domini Lite

Opus Domini Lite

As good as Apple’s Calendar app may well be, but it’s miles behind this app. It enables you to set daily tasks, master tasks and overall a very good personal planner and management application. If you like to be organised, then get this!

5. Wunderlist


This app sounds and performs very similar to Basecamp, but with Wunderlist you can download it and have it for free. This will enable you to share your lists with friends and colleagues and set cloud-sync tasks.

6. SoundCloud


Let’s face it, music will and does enhance work productivity. SoundCloud is free and far better than most of iTune’s radio stations. Create playlists, select genres depending on the time of day or what level of productivity you would like to produce. I prefer light jazz in the morning – Wes Montgomery please!

I recently featured this awesome app in my latest blog post: Roundup of 2011′s Most Promising Startups.

7. Pages


This is a really good app for aspiring bloggers and writers alike. Pages is a word processor with a clean, sleek and easy-to-use page layout app. Who wants to use Microsoft Word after this? 😉

8. iProcrastinate


Another task management app, but it’s the latest of it’s kind. It’s very similar to Wunderlist, but it just shows that 2012 could be hard enough for the guys at Basecamp. You can set powerful and extensive tasks that syncs wirelessly with iProcrastinate on your iPhone and enables you to use Dropbox also.

9. BeHealthy


This is an app that some people I know should really start using ie:. my brothers. It’s not only work productivity based, but health as well and you are more inclined to become more work productive if you take regular breaks, according to this article and common sense.

10. DoodleDesk


It’s only been released a matter of weeks and I’ve had it ever since. It really does improve work productivity by drawing ideas on your mind and creating targets. I also wanted to post this one to let a couple of friends know about it, Ben and Andrew.

That is pretty much every “cool” and “useful” app that I have found useful in my Mac inventory at the moment. If you download some of the apps you will see the MailTab for Gmail and Twitter app can really help reduce windows eating up your browser.