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I can bet that you never imagined that you can make money on your smartphone. These days all of us want to make some extra cash for a pint, especially students. So why not use your smartphone for that?

There are many mobile apps that will pay you vouchers, bitcoins or money. Just for watching ads, writing reviews or only for a push of a button. Of course, the amount will not be impressive, but with some minimal effort you can get enough for a can of Coca-Cola or some money to invest somewhere else, so why not to try it?

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Here are a few apps that can make you some extra cash:

ClaimBTC (Free)

It will pay you up to 181 satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿; 1 ฿ = $451.76 USD) for the first day every 10 minutes. Furthermore, it gives you loyalty bonus that increases the sum and of course you get a commission for referrals.

Foap (Free)

If you are die-hard Instagramer you can sell your photos on it or participate in various missions that have cash rewards.

BitMaker (Free)

Gives you 500 satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿; 1 ฿ = $451.76 USD) every 30 minutes and 2500 satoshis per referral.

Sparkprofit (Free)

App that simulates virtual trades. You make predictions to build up your score and receive weekly rewards. Top players earn $50 or more per month, with no investment and no risk of loss.

Receipt Hog (Free)

You snap pictures of receipts and that way you earn points that can be exchanged for PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

CashPirate (Free)

You make money by downloading free apps and games, answering surveys and watching videos. The rewards are paid via Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash. (You can get a 500 coin bonus equivalent to $0,5 by using this code “XWHKCS”)

Google Opinion Rewards (Free)

This app is only US based. By completing surveys you will earn Google Play store credit. That you can use for buying music, apps, and other things.

MintCoins (Free)

By watching videos, completing surveys and downloading games you earn virtual money, that can be withdrawn to your PayPal

AppCasher (Free)

You will get paid by installing and launching apps. Credits that you will earn can be converted into gift cards that you can be used on Amazon, iTunes or redeemed to PayPal.

Tap Cash (Free)

Is another app that will pay you for downloading free games, apps and signing up for free offers. You can get gift cards for a lot of services and stores and redeem money to PayPal.

These apps will not make you a fortune, but why do not make your free time a little more profitable? Also, you can make more profits by using mobile trading applications.