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Nowadays all of us are using Instagram. Some of us are sharing our daily moments. Others are sharing their work. Instagram could be a perfect place to get followers and get attention. Especially if you are a photographer. There are certain Instagram growth hacks that you might to try using.

For today’s showcase, I decided to collect a bunch of inspiring and magnificent Instagram photographers. Hope you will be inspired by all these amazing shots! Also, if you know anyone who should be on this list, let us know in the comment section below.

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Darryll Jones

Darryll takes unusual but beautiful photos of storm trooper from Star Wars in amusing backgrounds.

Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante says on his Instagram page that he is a storyteller first and then only a photographer, but his snapshots of landscapes are perfect.

 Janske Kaethoven

In Janske Instagram, you can find still photos of many things like animals, nature, landscape that can help you to relax.

Daniel Kordan

Daniel captures landscapes of every country he visits, and those photos are breathtaking.

Dave Yoder

Dave Yoder is working for National Geographic Magazine, and if you want to work there, you must take extraordinary pictures as he does.

The Planet D

It is a page of two travel photographers Dave and Deb that take rather beautiful photos of their travels.

Mike Kus

Mike Kus is a graphic/web designer from the UK that was one of the first designers that started using Instagram, and you can see why he has a big amount of followers.

Dustin Vaughn-Luma

He takes pictures almost of everything that you can see in daily life but takes them uniquely and beautifully.

Joe McNally

Joe McNally travels around the world for National Geographic, LIFE and TIME taking amazing pictures with his iPhone.

Jacob Maentz

Maentz is a documentary photographer that takes photos of unseen Philippines and he will take you there where tourist tours cannot.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard Koci Hernandez is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist with incredible black and white photos.

Manuel Pita

An urban photographer that is known for bringing bear mask around the world and taking pictures with it.

Sarah Palmer

Her Instagram page is full of colourful, optimistic and beautiful pictures that will boost your mood.

Zak Shelhamer

Zak is an excellent adventure filmmaker and photographer. With his photos, he could definitely inspire to do something unique and fun.

Michael Christopher Brown

Photojournalist Michael Christopher Brown is Magnum Photos nominee, and he brings the real face of Africa to his Instagram followers.



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