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Oceans 12

Ever since the release of the film “The Silent Partner” in 1978, the genre of heist movies has become one of Hollywood’s most reliable staples. Sometimes the heist revolves around a complicated scheme to get the impossible prize, while other times the robbery is simple, but getting away with the booty almost always proves more difficult than anyone expected. Sure, the genre can be formulaic, but watching people steal things never seems to get old.

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While filmmakers have tried to captivate movie audience with different strategies and storylines, they have also tried to be creative in marketing, promoting it via movie posters. Well, the most important thing for promoting a good movie is often the design of the poster. As the saying goes, “The face is the index of mind”, so is the poster for a movie. The first glimpse and message of the movie can be best expressed by the way the poster is designed. Hence, in simple terms “A Poster must be an inducer to the public , which enhances the zeal of watching it, in the days to come!”.

Below are a few heist, robbery and theft movie posters which convey the essence and importance given by the respective filmmakers in designing their posters.

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