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Finding talented front-end developers is easier than ever these days. A quick look at a handful of portfolios reveals that there’s plenty of talent and flair out there. No matter what type of style is needed, there’s sure to be a talented front-end developer out there who can get the job done right.

However, when I was searching through Dribbble I noticed that every designer’s profile and previous work looks outstanding, but the odd designer’s website portfolio leaves a lot to be desired.

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Take a browse below for the collection of designers I have found and hopefully you will be inspired by some of their previous work.

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1. Tim Boelaars

Bold lines and dramatic colors reveal an artist with an eye for excitement.

2. Danny Trinh

Classic typefaces and interesting color combinations make this work shine.

3. Drew Melton

A keen eye for detail makes Drew Melton’s pieces stand out in a unique way.

4. Joshua Bullock

This portfolio is dominated by examples of ornate typefaces and bold patterns.

5. Orman Clark

The designs in this portfolio reveal a modern edge and ample amounts of creativity.

6. Matt Stevens

A compelling combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical designs lends this portfolio a vibrant feel.

7. Matt Braun

These designs include a clever mix of classic style with subtle hints of modern flair.

8. Luke Beard

An eclectic mix of typefaces and dramatic color schemes imbue these pieces with unparalleled style.

9. Nick Slater

Clever typography and a penchant for including animals in his work make Nick Slater a front-end developer to watch.

10. Jacqui Oakley

Portraits and boldly colored patterns are the focus of these eclectic and eye-catching works.

11. Den Parukedonos

The designs in this portfolio include many playful touches that work well in a variety of situations.

12. Aaron Scamihorn

Edgy touches and modern elements produce unique designs in this portfolio.

13. Erick Montes

Eye-popping color combinations and striking typography abound in these exciting designs.

14. Mike Bruner

This portfolio features a striking mix of very simple designs and extremely detailed ones.

15. Iconka

The three-dimensional style of the examples in this portfolio makes them perfect for situations that call for modern flair.

16. Michael B. Myers Jr.

Pixelated versions of popular characters are highlighted in this portfolio.

17. Mikko Vartio

There’s nothing ordinary about the examples in this front-end developer’s portfolio.

18. Ricky Lynn

Lively colors and asymmetrical designs make this portfolio stand out from the crowd.

19. Glenn Thomas

Imaginative designs capture the viewer’s attention on these examples.

20. Tymn Armstrong

Abstracted images are the focus of many examples in this portfolio.

21. Dushan Milic

Energy bursts out of the examples in this front-end developer’s portfolio.

22. Anthony Lane

Richly embellished fliers are highlighted here.

23. Fuzzco

This portfolio is dominated by electrifying images and symbols.

24. Octave Zangs

Fine examples of clean, sleek designs are featured here.

25. Rogie

Unique and exciting details add flair to these designs.