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These days when our pace of life is becoming faster and faster, we need to save every minute we can. Almost everyone now has a smartphone that can be your personal assistant or an aid to boost your productivity. And because of that, people came up with a lot of time-saving apps that can be used in everyday life. As we like to say “time is money.”

Slack (Android/iOS)

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If you have a team, and you are working on some projects. It helps you to spend less time in meetings and reduce numbers of email because it brings all your team communication into the one place.

Trello (Android/iOS)

Trello is straightforward and easy to use, but it has a lot of great features. You can manage your projects, make checklists, write notes or just write out, what you need from the grocery shop.

Feedly (Android/iOS)

You do not need any more to go different websites to find out new trends and latest bulletins. Feedly brings it all to the one place.

Pocket (Android/iOS)

Have you ever had caught yourself reading some interested article when you should be doing something more important than that? Pocket is an app where you can save all the interesting articles in one place and read it later on the bus or somewhere else.

Evernote (Android/iOS)

You can take and upload notes, sketches, photos, audio files and organize them into cloud notebook that can be shared between different devices.

Final Thoughts

These are the apps. However, not all of us use our phones for such tasks. So I recommend checking this: online tools to increase productivity.