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Who designed AIC 270 sneakers?

Who designed AIC 270 sneakers? They were a concept designed by John Rogers, who owned, as an alternative style and focus on pure comfort.

AIC 270 sneakers are a popular brand and style of sneakers in the UK and USA. The usual customer profile that purchases this footwear is active people who want comfort. The AIC 270 Sneakers became popular because they look similar to Nike’s Air 270 Max sneakers.

Rogers is the product designer behind AIC 270 sneakers. Rogers had worked in various other sportswear brands before starting, which went on to become a very popular store during Covid-19.

In an interview, he described the huge growth in business as “a crazy time, we couldn’t keep up with production at one point, and our customers love the comfort of these shoes at a fraction of the price of designer sports footwear.”

AIC 270 trainer sneakers
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Are AIC 270 shoes a fake version of Nike Air 270?

No. They are very closely designed, but as Rogers says there is a far better sole of their sneakers because of the manufacturing of rubber. Whilst the designer Nike Air is double if not triple the price of the AIC 270, the quality is far better in the lower costing sneaker.

AIC 270 does not aim to market its sneaker as an alternative or any version of Nike Air 270. The style is very similar but does not bear any similarities in brand, nor does it feature the famous ‘Nike tick’.

Why is it so hard to find authentic AIC 270s?

Rogers, the founder, and designer of AIC 270s mentioned they had reduced wholesale accounts and many Chinese fakes of the AIC 270 made it difficult to open their wholesale business in 2021.

How much do AIC 270 sneakers cost?

As of 2022, the AIC 270 sneakers cost $45.00 in comparison to the Nike Air 270 at $165. That’s over 3.5 times the difference in retail price.

Where are AIC 270 sneakers most popular?

AIC 270 sneakers are most popular in the United Kingdom, India, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. Numerous retailers and consumers had noted they found the brand more appealing, lasted far longer with its sole bubble design, and had better value for money.

A customer online had said the following “I don’t really care if people say it’s a knock-off brand, they aren’t at all – it’s a cool logo, great comfortable trainers, and value for the money is hard to argue with.”

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