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Today I am going to run you through a short tutorial on how to create your own Facebook Timeline Cover. Some of you may turn to the internet to find timeline covers created by others, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something unique on your profile?

We are going to use Photoshop for this particular tutorial. We also have provided a template at the end of the tutorial for anybody who wants to download it.

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1.In Photoshop go to File > New

A new window should open which allows you to setup the size etc of your image. Set the width to 850 pixels and the height to 315 pixels.

A blank image should appear on the screen. This is the exact size used for a Facebook Timeline Cover, so now it is time to get designing!

Remember to bear in mind that a small part of the image in the bottom left will be covered by your Facebook profile picture. We have marked this in our template which you can download below.

If you already have an image in mind that you would like to use then go to File > Open and open the image. This is likely to open in a different window, sou will need to highlight the image by holding down Ctrl A or Cmd A if you are on a Mac. Then Press Ctrl C or Cmd C to copy the image. Now head back to your Timeline template and press Ctrl V or Cmd V to paste the image or head to the top menu and select Edit > Paste.

Your image may appear a little big at this stage. Make sure that Layer 1 is selected in the Layers column and then select Edit > Transform > Scale from the top menu.


You should now notice that there is a box around the side of the image. Head up to the left corner of the box and drag the corner down while holding Shift to make the image smaller. Keep doing this until the image is the perfect size for the cover. You may need to keep dragging the image back into view so you can continue the scaling.

Once you are happy with your design, go to File > Save As. When the dialog box appears, make sure you select the JPEG Format, name your file and then click Save. A ‘JPEG Options’ window should now appear on your screen. Make sure the quality is set to 12 or Maximum and click OK.

Head over to your Facebook profile or page and select ‘Add a Cover’. If you already have a cover in place it will probably say ‘Change Cover’. Click ‘Upload Photo’ and select your image. The cover should appear perfectly at the top of your profile. Remember to click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done!


You can download our Photoshop template below.
Facebook Timeline Cover Template

Don’t forget to share some of the covers you have made with us here at Who Design Today!