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There are multiple ways to delete a WordPress theme completely. We’ll start with the easiest one first. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily delete a WordPress theme without affecting your website.

1 Deleting a WordPress theme via admin dashboard

This is the easiest and the recommended way to delete a WordPress theme.

Divi WordPress Theme

First, you need to go to Appearance » Themes page and click on the theme that you want to delete.

WordPress will now open theme details in a popup window. You need to click on the Delete button at the bottom right corner of the popup screen.

wordpress delete theme

Next, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the theme. Simply click the OK button to continue, and WordPress will delete your selected theme.

2 Deleting a WordPress theme via FTP

This method is a bit advanced, but it comes in handy if you are unable to access the WordPress admin area.

Simply connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client and then go to /wp-content/themes/ folder.

how to delete a wordpress theme

From here you need to locate the theme folder that you want to delete. Right-click on the folder name and then select delete.

Your FTP client will now delete your selected theme.

3 Delete a WordPress theme using File Manager

If you are uncomfortable using an FTP client, then you can also use the File Manager app in your web hosting control panel.

For this example, we’ll be showing screenshots from Bluehost’s hosting dashboard. Depending on your hosting provider, your hosting dashboard may look a bit different.

Login to your hosting account dashboard and click on the File Manager icon under the Advanced tab.

how to delete a wordpress theme

This will launch the file manager where you can browse the contents of your web server like you would using an FTP client. You need to go to the /public_html/wp-content/themes/ folder.

wordpress delete theme

What to Do If You Accidentally Delete a WordPress Theme?

If you accidentally deleted a WordPress theme, then there are multiple ways to restore it back.

First, you can restore the theme from the backup. This is easier as many WordPress backup plugins allow you to quickly restore your website to an earlier stage. However, if you didn’t make a backup, then you can restore the theme by downloading and installing a fresh copy of the same theme. The downside of the second approach is that you would lose any customizations you made to the theme.

We hope this article helped you learn how to easily delete a WordPress theme. You may also want to see our list of the best WordPress plugins.