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Everybody loves hammocks and hot tubs, right? And what we get when we combine those two? The Hydro Hammock, a Hammock that contains hot water inside and serves as the hot tub in the air. It was created by Benjamin H. Frederick in the Ashland, Oregon, The USA.

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The Hydro Hammock pledged almost $80,000 on Kickstarter with only 158 backers. It can be used various of ways. It can be The Hydro  Hammock, Swinging Pool, Hammock Hot Tub, Portable HotTub Liner for sand or snow, Hammock WaterBed and various other; you only need to be creative to think out new ways of using it.

There are offers for water heating system and four different packages of Hammocks you can choose from:

Original Hydro Hammock ($360.00 water heating system not included)

It is one layer hammock. It is light and portable, but still ultra durable.

Deluxe Hydro Hammock ($555.00 water heating system not included)

It is double layer Hydro Hammock. It is made for insulating the extreme colds, or you can fill water in between the layer for even more comfort.

Original Hydro Hammock Package ($1,395.00 water heating system included)

It is the same one layer hammock, but with water heating system included and this package saves you up to $230.

Deluxe Hydro Hammock Package ($1,580.00 water heating system included)

This deluxe package is like double deluxe. It saves you money, and you get everything you need for best experience with Hydro Hammock.

Water Heating System ($1,265.00)

It is a portable water heating system with a water pump. The heating system is equipt with a battery that can give you hours of hot water and even charge your mobile devices through a USB.

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