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Do you struggle to learn how to edit your photos in a more professional way? Are you disappointed with the outcome of the photo editing apps you use on your phone?

And just because all that Photoshop looks too difficult and overwhelming?

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Worry no more! Here are some super easy and quick tutorials to spice up your photos – learn how to create popular Instagram filters in Photoshop, create your own snow, remove negative people from your life and much more!

Boost the Light With Flare & Haze

Learn how to adjust, improve and create your own sunlight with flare and haze – where you need it and when you need it. Super useful and extremely easy!

Unlock the Secret to the Lens Flare

In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to use the Lens Flare filter in Photoshop properly and apply it to a blank layer.

Create Facial Hair

A fun tutorial that will teach you how to “grow” facial hair with Photohop. And if you are a girl and have been always wondering how would you look like with a mustache – now you can unlock that secret!

Change Eye Color in 1 Minute

A quick tutorial for those who were wondering how would they look like with a different kind of eye color. Change brown eyes to blue ones in one minute!

Create a Cinemagraph

Learn how to create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop – freeze specific parts of a chosen video and leave the rest with motion. This will help you create an amazing effect!

Create a Vintage Look

A great tutorial for those who were wondering how to create an amazing hipster-like vintage effect. Learn how to do it in three easy steps.

Make Great Falling Snow

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic effect of falling snow – only with a few filters and some quick adjustments.

Make the Sky Blue

Do you know what makes landscapes and photoshoots taken in nature way much better? The answer is blue sky. Learn how to make the sky blue using Brightness, Contrast and adjusting the Color Range.

Paint Graphics onto a Face

Learn how to paint a flag or a sports team logo on your face using Photoshop.

Landscape Photo Editing From The RAW File

In this tutorial you will find the best tips and tricks for Photoshop Lightroom users that will make your landscape photography look amazing.

Remove Blemishes or People

You can’t remove people from your life that easily – but you can remove them from your photos by using Photoshop Lightroom! These tips will also help you remove any blemishes or other parts of the photo that you don’t like.

Create the Instagram Crema Filter

Learn how to create one of the most popular filters on Instagram by using Photoshop.