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Last week Google shared their vision of the future with their Augmented Reality Glasses also known as Project Glass. Google released a short video of what we can expect from the glasses and how we can expect them to make our daily lives easier.

After reviewing the video, here are a list of the things that we might be able to expect from the glasses when they are released:

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Checking Daily Reminders
Checking Weather/Temperature
Checking Messages
Sending Messages – Voice Controlled
Location Notifications
Walking Route/Directions
Voice Controlled Reminders
Finding Shop Sections Voice Controlled
Location Checking (Finding Friends) – Voice Controlled
Location Check In
Taking/Sharing Photos – Voice Controlled
Music Control – Voice Controlled
Video Calling & View Share

We currently use smartphones and tablets for this kind of technology but imagine a world where you could just look at the world around you and interact with everything and have all the latest information right in front of your eyes. Usually you would have to take the phone out of your pocket to look for directions to the nearest cafe or take a photo of the nearest landmark, but with the augmented glasses you would already be wearing the technology and with voice commands at the ready it would make it that much more easier and convenient. The glasses are rumored to run on Android software, and will have a single viewing glass.

Some of the big questions people are asking are how much will the glasses cost? How soon will we see them and could these cause health concerns? Hopefully we will hear more from Google about Project Glass at the Google I/O event in June.

For now you can check out the video from Google below.