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Since Who Design Today are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland I always thought it would be good to feature a small collection of very well designed and pixel perfect portfolios of Northern Ireland’s hottest design firms or freelancers.

I have been hauling the Internet searching and socialising via Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook to find each one of these. If you have any suggestions of who should be in this list or if you believe your own firm should’ve been here, let us know via commenting.

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There is no favouritism to any firms/freelancers nor is this listed in any particular way of fashion. Take a browse below and hopefully some of our readers may benefit from this post.

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1. Eyekiller


Based in Banger, just outside Belfast. A really nice clean cut modern design and most importantly responds well through desktop, iPad, iPhone and smaller screens.

2. Design by FRONT

Design by Front

I love this portfolio design. The hiding footer you only see when scrolling down really hits it home. However what I really like is the use of content, but isn’t overloaded – as an SEO, I’m normally arguing with designers to add content.

3. Pierce Communications

Pierce Communications

A very simple, minimalist but excellent design. I love the fact you can navigate around their website with great ease. Reminds and makes me feel like I’m on Apple… you won’t like that Barry! 😉

4. The Web Bureau

The Web Bureau

The header is absolutely great, reminds me of my wallpaper on my MacBook – the multicolours, it’s similar to a rainbow.

5. Greg Wallace

Greg Wallace

6. Noostyle


7. Marty McColgan

Marty McColgan

8. Immedia


9. Postscript5


10. SolutionsNI


11. Russell Kerr

Russell Kerr

A very minimalist and centre aligned site, however when scrolling over text and logo it makes it stand out from many portfolios.

12. Keith Greer

Keith Greer

13. Creative Online Media

Creative Online Media

14. Cupcake Creative Studio

Cupcake Creative Studio

An extremely unique design. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any design company in Northern Ireland with any sort of portfolio similar to this, have you? I really like the large text, but then again I absolutely love and admire typography.

15. The Cyber Touch

The Cyber Touch

Cybertouch have a very cartoon design, but you can’t take away the fact it still looks very good.

16. ER-Media


17. Reflex Studios

Reflex Studios

Reflex Studios have a very clean and minimalist layout. It’s very similar and has the same elk as most of Apple app websites.

18. No12Design


Pete from No12Design is a great designer as you can see from his portfolio. I really love the header, the splashing paint and how you can interact via Facebook and Twitter with great ease.