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Put down that notebook, close down that word document and grab a cup of coffee, because it’s time to take a look at some of the top iPhone apps for April. Below we have selected 10 of the best apps to arrive on the scene this month. So get the app store open on your iPhone and be ready to download some of these great apps!

(iTunes Link)Have you ever found an interesting article or video on the internet but not had time to read it there and then? Well now you can save it to Pocket so you can view it at anytime, even without an internet connection. COST: FREE

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Draw Something (iTunes Link)Start a game by selecting from your Facebook contacts, entering a username, email or even face off against a random opponent. You will both take it in turns to draw something and your opponent will attempt to guess what it is. COST: $1.99 (Free Version Avaliable)


Design This Home (iTunes Link)If you have always wanted to build your dream home then check out this great game for the iPhone. You can customise pretty much every detail of your home and the game is regularly updated with new content. You can pick up the game for free but there are a number of in-app purchases available so you can develop your home further. COST: FREE

Baby Monitor 3G
(iTunes Link)This is an app for all the parents here! You will need two iOS devices, however it is very simple to set up and it works over 3G as well as Wifi. You can hear your child as well as talk to him or her at the same time. This app also gives you the ability to see what is happening in your child’s room. COST: $3.99


Sack Dude (iTunes Link)Ever had a stressful day at work? This app is for you! Sack Dude is your own personal punching buddy. Take your anger out on him in a number of ways. COST: FREE


Max Payne Mobile (iTunes Link)Anybody remember the original Max Payne game for XBOX? This 3rd person classic is now available to play on both iPhone and iPad. For those of you who don’t remember or who have never played the original, you play as a undercover cop called Max who has been framed for murder. This is a must for the hardcore gamer! COST: $2.99


Things (iTunes Link) A very attractive task manager app that allows you to manage your everyday to-do lists. You can add notes as well as dates to your task. Everything is organised nicely so that you can easily add and view your tasks so that you will never forget about anything again. COST: $9.99


WordOut (iTunes Link)This app allows you to post to your Facebook account and several Twitter accounts at the same time. It saves a lot of time and it’s simple as well as fast! COST: FREE


TribeSports (iTunes Link)A social sports app that helps you reach your sports/fitness goals. Take part in fitness challenges, share your training updates, find other people who share your sports interests. There are over 12,000 sports, health, fitness and nutrition challenges to keep you going! COST: FREE

(iTunes Link)This app allows you to handle compressed files on your iPhone. It supports .zip, .tar, and .tar.gz. COST: $0.99

If you have an app you would like us to take a look at, then send on details of the app to and we will do our very best to include it in our next app roundup.