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Eon by Unlimited is a Plug & Play Electric Skateboard. It’s the first modular electric powertrain for light vehicles. It converts any skateboard into a powerful electric machine with several easy steps. For more info check the video below.

After more than a year and countless prototypes, at UNLIMITED they are excited to launch the first Plug & Play modular electric powertrain. It will convert any skateboard into an ultra light and powerful electric vehicle in a few minutes. It’s simply a matter of attaching our motor and power pack to your skateboard, and you’re ready to roll.

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At only 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), at the moment it’s the lightest powertrain on the market. Hub motors are designed with no drag so that the board coasts freely even when out of charge. You can use any board and trucks you want or already have, so our motors just bolt on with our Patent Pending coupling interface.

There are unlimited possibilities to what you can create with our advanced powertrain, if you dream it, you can build it. It can be easily mounted on your skateboard or longboard.

And it’s easy to setup it! It takes only few minutes.

If you want to learn more about the Eon go and check their Kickstarter campaign. Also, don’t forget to test the their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.