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Welcome to the very first “Weekly Kickstarter”. Every week we are sharing one project from the Kickstarter. Our weekly article will cover latest gadgets, apps & tools.

This week we have the first icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It’s a watch, it’s a scheduler, it’s an assistant – Octopus.

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It’s a watch. It gives the time with icons, making it the first clock that young kids can actually read and understand. It helps children conceptually link time to events. Octopus is for children aged 3 to 8 years old. Unlike other products on the market, it’s wearable, visual and it grows with your kids.


  • Easy to setup with your smartphone;
  • Up to 600 Icons;
  • Bluetooth Sync;
  • Water resistant.


You can choose the color of the watch among blue sky, pink candy, lemon green and dark grey (we’ll send an email at the end of the campaign to collect your choice). The companion comes in white with an RGB led inside.