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10 must-see Facebook ad designs to increase engagement

Well designed ad campaigns can reduce costs, increase enagement and reduce ad cost. On the other hand, badly designed ads do the opposite.
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24 June, 2024
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We now live in an attention economy, so crafting high-converting Facebook ads is crucial. For those looking to boost their eCommerce business, here are 18 standout Facebook ad examples from around the globe that you should definitely consider emulating in 2024 so you don’t get zucked by Facebook.

What makes a Facebook ad design ‘good’?

Before diving into the examples, let’s define what makes an ad effective. Key factors include high-quality visuals, clear messaging, and a strong call to action. Each component should align to create an engaging and persuasive ad.

The more clever the ad design is, the more engagement it creates and can contribute to lowering the cost of your ads on average. At my agency, Profit Plus Consultants , we have seen the power of this first hand – the better your ad engages with your target audience, the blended CPC should reduce in cost.

1. Monday.com

Monday ad

Why it works:

  • Emotional appeal: The phrase “Your team deserves better” triggers introspection and guilt, prompting managers to consider upgrading their tools.
  • Clear value: Contrasts Monday.com’s user-friendly interface with chaotic spreadsheets, making the choice clear.

2. Vinted

Why it works:

  • Emotional hook: Emphasizes the joy of unexpected earnings.
  • Transparency: Clearly states no selling fees, building trust.
  • Compelling headline: “Declutter your home today” is relatable and actionable.

3. Pienaar & Son Distilling Co.

Why it works:

  • FOMO: Features real customer testimonials.
  • Bold text: Grabs attention immediately.
  • Captivating design: Uses bright colors and split-screen to showcase product variety.

4. The Ordinary

Why it works:

  • Minimalism: The clean, white background focuses attention on the product.
  • Simplicity: No unnecessary text or clutter, letting the product shine.

5. LegalWise

Why it works:

  • Real feel: Uses a candid, unpolished photo to depict a realistic scenario.
  • Authenticity: Avoids stock images, making the ad more relatable.

6. Gymshark

Why it works:

  • Unconventional presentation: Uses a horizontal image sliced into multiple slides.
  • Diverse representation: Showcases products on various athletes, appealing to a broad audience.

7. Destinations by Frasers

Why it works:

  • Personalized appeal: Variety of colors cater to different personalities.
  • Surprise element: Engages viewers with unexpected color variations.

8. Accor Live Limitless

Why it works:

  • Storytelling carousel: Uses slides to narrate a luxurious experience.
  • Aspirational: Makes viewers envision themselves enjoying the services.

9. Honest Greens US

Why it works:

  • Intuitive menu browsing: Mimics the act of flipping through a menu.
  • Comprehensive info: Provides all necessary details, including prices and descriptions.

10. Ford

Why it works:

  • Feature showcase: Highlights specific car features in a visually engaging manner.
  • Call to action: Encourages viewers to get a quote, driving conversions.

To sum it up

Crafting effective Facebook ads requires a blend of creativity, clarity, and strategic thinking. These 18 examples showcase a range of techniques, from emotional appeals to bold visuals, that can help elevate your campaigns in 2024. Use these insights to inspire your next ad and watch your engagement soar.

If you are interested in a consultation call to see how we can create more engaging content for your Facebook ads and help reduce ad costs, visit www.profitplusconsultants.co.uk.

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