What, who and why

Who Design Today is a design inspiration hub for lovers of design and people who appreciate things well designed. Pretty simple – right?

What is Who Design Today?

Who Design Today was founded in 2011 by Gareth Boyd as an online design magazine dedicated to inspiration and design from every area of the web. It featured showcases of design in business, technology and photography.

Who Design Today 2011 logo.

At it’s peak, the magazine generated over 300k page views per month and had regular contributors who have since gone on to become successful copywriters with bylines on Business Insider, Smashing Magazine and Hubspot.

Boyd sold it in 2014 for an undisclosed figure to Web Adel Ventures.

Our plans and the future.

After years of mismanagement, Boyd re-acquired Who Design Today in 2022 from Justas Markus.

Moving forward, the plans are simple. Regrow, rebuild and have fun.