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20 brilliant pricing comparison tables that (really) convert [2012]

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24 January, 2012
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If you treat the design of your product’s pricing comparison table as an afterthought, you’ve got some catching up to do. This page, the one that any prospective customer will check to see what they can afford, is incredibly important. This page, boring as it may seem, can make or break a business.

So sit up, read on and learn from the top of the class as we present 20 of the best designed, most usable and highest converting pricing and plan comparison tables!

1. Livestream

As you’d expect with a broadcasting product, this pricing comparison is colourful and striking. The most popular option is clearly promoted in the middle with savings reinforcing the overall messaging. This is a very strong table.

2. Shopify

Looking for inspiration for your pricing comparison page? Well Shopify’s is about as good as they come – in my opinion anyway. Look how colours are used in the table headers and how easy it is to scan those plans. Again, the most popular plan is given some extra height so it stands out.

3. Litmus

Litmus’s plan pricing comparison page is a lesson in design. I really like how the plans are laid out to make it as easy as possible to digest the pros and cons of each. The fact that there are only three plans to choose from and that their call to action buttons are well designed should mean this page converts well for them.

4. FreshBooks

No roundup of pricing tables would be complete with the venerable FreshBooks. This comparison table matches the rest of their website in terms of branding. It’s extremely easy to work out what you get for your money with each plan and I really like how the blue in the header gets darker towards the right, which must guide users to the higher end plans.

5. Harvest

This tool has been around for some time, so you can bet that they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting their pricing comparison table. Although it is slightly more verbose than others in this list, it is nevertheless very effective. They only have three plans so they can get away with using more words, but it is the reinforcing USPs and clear call to action that make this page shine.

6. Assembla

With five different plans to choose from, this is one of the more information heavy comparison tables on this list. That’s not to say it doesn’t work – it clearly does. Assembla’s table is clear and concise, making it easy to scan and decide on the best offer for you. Like so many, the most popular plan is centred. Interestingly, the columns are arranged from most expensive to cheapest, which is the opposite to the way most of these tables are laid out. If you are looking for something to split test, this inversion could be worth a try.

7. Basecamp

The daddy of web apps has set the bar in terms of its design for many years and continues to do so with its plan comparison table. With only three plans to choose from, this table is light on data and very easy to comprehend. The most popular plan is most prominent and marked as ‘best value’ in an attempt to convert more prospects. The presence of a well placed call to action backed up with their USPs above the table will help conversion.

8. Zendesk

Zendesk’s plan comparison table has been featured in numerous roundups just like this, and for good reason. Their use of colour, layout and copy is masterful. The placement of the ‘free trial’ button, the only button in the table, really does focus eyes and drive clicks. The promise to donate part of your subscription to charity is also a good move for conversion. Although it doesn’t address a specific objection, it is something unique that may just help tip the balance in their favour among prospective customers who may be shopping around for similar services.

9. Squarespace

Squarespace’s comparison table is a masterclass in simple, minimalist table design. Sparse and pared back to the bare minimum, this table not only reflects the company’s overall design ethos but is a triumph of usability. With only two plans on offer and a clear list of what you get for each, there’s a lot less deliberation to go through before making a decision. Clearly Squarespace recognise that reducing objections and speed is of the essence when signing up anyone for a subscription. I also like how they put the emphasis on the cheaper annualised pricing as opposed to the more expensive monthly billing cycles.

10. github

Here’s an example of how you can make the decision between several plans an easier one. github’s table is segmented very effectively, laying out key points of differentiation in a clear and concise manner. There is a lot more to digest here compared to most other tables on this roundup. Pricing ascends from left to right over multiple rows, so it’s easy to see what is affordable. But thanks to carefully chosen copy and consistent use of colour, it works.

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