Croatia Airlines unveils sleek new look ahead of Airbus A220 arrival

Get a sneak peek at Croatia Airlines' modern makeover and bold new design for their first A220.
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24 June, 2024
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Croatia Airlines has just revealed a refreshed visual identity as it prepares to welcome its first Airbus A220 next month. The new paint scheme stays true to the airline’s traditional colors while introducing subtle yet impactful updates to the aircraft’s text and logo. These changes are part of a broader strategy to modernize the brand and align it with the airline’s core values and commitment to excellence.

A fresh take on colors and interiors

Designed by company designer Ivana Ivanković, Croatia Airlines’ new identity simplifies and modernizes its brand. The most noticeable change is the logo, which now features the iconic red, blue, and light blue squares prominently on both the tail fin and fuselage. These squares, now in a darker shade, replace the previous red dotted pattern attached to the “C” of Croatia Airlines.

Croatia Airlines
Credit: Croatia Airlines

The airline explains that this updated design seamlessly integrates the logo with the aircraft’s tail design, creating a cohesive and recognizable visual identity. This repetition of the tail design twice on the aircraft is a deliberate move to streamline the brand’s appearance.

Updated logo and logotype

Another significant update is the logotype’s artistic alignment with the Star Alliance logo. The redesigned squares on the logo mirror the aircraft’s tail, effectively communicating the airline’s message. The typography of Croatia Airlines’ name within the logo has also been revamped, featuring slightly bolder letters in a darker shade to enhance visibility.

Croatia Airlines
Credit: Croatia Airlines

The Zagreb-based airline has announced plans to unveil new cabin crew uniforms soon, although specific details and timelines are yet to be disclosed.

Fleet renewal with the Airbus A220

This brand refresh comes as Croatia Airlines celebrates its 35th anniversary. The carrier began operations in August 1989 with a Cessna 402 C transporting UPS packages. The anniversary coincides with the delivery of the airline’s first A220, which recently emerged from the Airbus paint shop.

Credit: Croatia Airlines
Credit: Croatia Airlines

“The introduction of the new fleet will mark the beginning of a new era of our operations, defined by a fresh visual identity that has been carefully crafted and optimized,” the airline stated.

Croatia Airlines plans to acquire 15 Airbus A220 aircraft, including both the -100 and larger -300 variants. According to EX-YU Aviation, the airline has 12 A220-300s and three A220-100s on order. The first A220-300, registered as 9A-CAE, is expected to arrive next month and will debut the new livery on the symbolic Zagreb to Frankfurt route, commemorating the carrier’s first international flight in 1992.

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