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20 examples of fantastic usage of typography in t-shirt designs

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24 February, 2012
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In the fashion industry the usage of typography in graphics and design templates is growing at an exceptional rate where even luxury designer labels such as HUGO BOSS and GUCCI are implementing these techniques in their newest Spring collections.

The Daily Mail published an article showcasing various product lines that were using typography in their designs.

There are many of online companies that have created a lot of influence in typography in t-shirts, for instance Googles-and Twitter’s t-shirt. You can also find various online t-shirt printing stores where you can create your own typography t-shirt, printed and shipped straight to your door.

Take a look below to find a collection of some of the more unique and perhaps you’ve never seen before typography designs in t-shirts.

1. Math Problem

Math Problem

2. Neubauism


3. Helvetica Ultra Light

Helvetica Ultra Light

4. The Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox

5. Trapping Skills

Trapping Skills

6. Woke Up

Woke Up

7. Vision Test

Vision Test

8. Sorry I’m Late

Sorry I'm Late

9. The End of The Beginning

The End of The Beginning

10. Lowercase


11. Arial Is Not My Type

Arial Is Not My Type

12. Easier Said Than Done

Easier Said Than Done

13. Write & Print & Draw & Type

Write & Print & Draw & Type

14. Drop Shadows Not Bombs

Drop Shadows Not Bombs

15. USA Management

Math Problem

16. Human


17. CSS to HTML


18. Fear of a Cooper Black Planet

Fear of a Cooper Black Planet

19. What a Tangled Web

What a Tangled Web

20. Always Working

Always Working

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