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21 examples of awesome logo designs [2012]

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22 February, 2012
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Having an awesome and stand-out logo is a huge factor in the success of your business or company. Now many of you are going to shoot me down right now, but it’s a hard cold fact. If you have a memorable name, good looking logo and relates to your niche – then you’re going the right direction.

There are far too many companies out there with extremely bad logos with far too many things going on in them. The main reason they weren’t included is due to the fact they are already established and very well renown. They have very simple, bold and easy to look at logos which make customers remember the company and therefore go back.

Each of the logos in this showcase are fairly new, if not created this February. They aught to give you great inspiration for your next logo update. Personally my favourite is no.16 Prince of Morac. It’s a very royal and stand-out logo that oozes class.

Take a look below and browse our showcase of 21 awesome looking logo identity designs and be inspired!

1. Indulgence by Daniel Bere

2. St. Valentine by pjmaster

3. Midnight Espresso by Oliver Akos

4. Little People by Sayen4ik

5. In-Flora by Khloosoff

6. Marina Kozlova by Paganini

7. Ritvollur by Kek

8. Dream Runner by Kek

9. Aranza by Sacrim

10. Temple of Heaven by Allan Young

11. Smoke House by Type & Signs

12. New Dog by Cpuentes23

13. Wardrobe B by Dotflo

14. ONST Creative by Growcase

15. CityHunt by Contrast8

16. Prince of Maroc by Sbdesign

17. Orange by Indyafandi

18. Cafe Concert by Vinslev

19. Vintage Vessels by Gsoghomoniantz

20. Lammtra by Ameermagdy

21. The Veggie King by Jjjaaime

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