Should you market your web design company offline?

As a web design company, your whole business deals with all things online. So you may be thinking that you should only market your brand online as well.
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8 May, 2017
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There are a few reasons why you should be taking some of your marketing efforts offline, especially if you hope to grow your web design business.

Keep reading to learn why, and to see if doing so would be right for your business.

You Can Target Customers Via Print Media

Although print media has suffered as a result of the preference that many people have to read their news online, there are still a lot of local and national magazines and newspapers that you can use to promote your website design company. You can purchase ads within these publications to reach your target audience in a new way.

You Get to Meet People in Person

In addition to attending trade shows, as mentioned above, you also have a lot of other opportunities to meet new customers face-to-face offline. For example, you can speak at conferences, conduct or attend workshop events and meet-up events , or set up your event that you can use to promote your company.

Be sure to take a lot of business cards and promotional items that you can hand out, as your goal would be to make a connection and a lasting impression to get people to visit your site and purchase your services. This is a much more personal way of interacting with people, and they may be more intrigued by your brand than they would be if they just met you online in a virtual space like social media.

You Can Use Branded Items to Promote Your Work

When you promote your web design company offline, you have the opportunity to use tangible items to promote your brand. These include everything from pens and mouse pads to t-shirts and self adhesive labels. The great thing about using branded items is the fact that they remind people of the fact that you exist whenever they use those items.

These items are also usually really affordable to make, so you can give them away for free at special events, such as trade shows. Another option would be to give some to fellow local businesses who can use them or even hand them out to their customers.

You Can Purchase Radio Ads

Radio ads.

Purchasing radio ads is yet another way that you can start marketing to a brand new audience offline. Choose local stations that you know your audience will be listening to, and then work on developing an engaging and memorable ad. You can even purchase ad time on your favourite satellite radio stations.

As you can see, there are several really great ways to attract new customers and connect directly with them in the offline environment. So even though your web design company operates online and you should definitely be promoting it online, also consider incorporating some or all of the above offline marketing tactics for greater success.

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