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Imagine if Google had a credit card; Aussie fintech Credit Card Compare designed it

Credit Card Compare dreamed up what a Google Card would look like and what it could do in this thought provoking and humouring infographic.
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24 June, 2024
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Google already manages your searches, documents, and emails; arguably, it already has free access to your information on those apps. Now, let’s imagine they had access to managing your finances… Here’s a speculative look at what a Google-issued credit card might offer and how it could revolutionize the industry. thought it would be fun to speculate what a Google-issued credit card would be like and the key features the Google Card would offer.

A glimpse into the Google Credit Card

Picture this: the launch of the Google Credit Card. It’s designed to make you feel lucky and promises to revolutionise how you handle your finances. With features that include wiping out your tax bill and offering incredible rewards through SpendRank, the Google Credit Card aims to be a game-changer in the financial world.

Google Card infographic by
Google Card infographic by

Save on taxes with Google NOTAX

One of the standout features of the Google Credit Card is the NOTAX platform. Google is known for its complex web of holding companies worldwide, which allows it to pay less than 2.5% in taxes. With the Google Card, holders can route payments through this platform, ensuring more savings. “We hardly pay any tax, and neither should you,” the hypothetical ad suggests.

Build SpendRank for rewards

Google introduces a novel rewards system called SpendRank. This patented algorithm calculates a rewards score based on your purchasing habits. What you buy, where, and how much you spend each month all contribute to your SpendRank. Higher scores mean better rewards, making shopping more rewarding than ever.

Super low rates

The Google Card offers super low rates and fees, thanks to its advertiser-supported model. In return, AdWords advertisers get to know a bit more about your spending habits. It’s a win-win situation where you save on fees while advertisers gain valuable insights.

Tap in-store or just swipe

For in-store purchases, the Google Wallet smartphone feature allows you to tap-to-pay. If you can’t access an NFC-enabled store, you can simply swipe your physical Google Card. Plus, the card provides access to shopping offers and exclusive coupons based on your Google Search and YouTube viewing history. As a bonus, new cardholders receive a $50 voucher to spend at Google Play.

Customer support you’ll love

Have a customer service question or need to report a suspicious transaction? Google’s 24/7 online support forums, staffed by Googlers and other cardholders, have you covered. Lost your card? Not a problem – help is always available.

Pure online only banking

Manage your account with ease using Google’s tools. View paperless statements in Gmail and Google Drive. The system also auto-categorizes your spending and offers helpful tips on how to pay off your balance faster. It’s banking made simple and efficient.

Security you can trust

Google’s commitment to security is unwavering. The company prides itself on impenetrable security measures, ensuring that even the most sophisticated hackers can’t access your critical information. “We’re the company that can do no evil, and trust is the currency we bank on,” the speculative ad boasts.

To sum it up

While the Google Credit Card is purely hypothetical, it’s intriguing to consider how such a product could disrupt the financial landscape. With Google’s technological prowess and innovative approach, the tech giant’s credit card could be a transformative addition to the industry.

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